Saturday, October 25, 2008

Whisky Weather

Also some weather for some really good pork. I went back to the Publican again last night for for the final preparation for next week's review. This time, in addition to previous partners-in-crime, I extended open invitations to a few folks and my friends Todd and Linda took up the offer.

For me, the high points of the evening were watching Todd get starstruck twice. First, it was when he recognized one of the women at our four top as none other than Gina Black. That was followed shortly after once the party split up when I, Todd and Linda stayed for dinner and none other than Paul Kahan stops by to chat us up a bit. Earlier I stopped by the bar and thanked Kahan for hosting the Reader's mulefoot pig dinner, which culminated a fourteen day stretch where I ate pork for at least one meal.

After that, Todd looked at me and asked, "Do I always get to meet world class chefs and rock stars when having dinner with you?"

That was just an off night.

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