Saturday, April 26, 2008

"Last Night I Tried Some Different Things. Today I'll Be Drinking The Classics."

I sit here waiting to head out to Indiana for DarkLord Day at Three Floyds today. I'm one year away from having enough bottles for a vertical tasting of their highly prized Russian Imperial Stout, and this year's model should cover it. Although I might wait until 2010 to actually hold the tasting and work backward from that year to 2006.

Been walking on air most of the week. I liked the way that my interview with Lisa Thompson of Blue Sky Inn turned out. Even better, the usual comment trolls stayed away. So much for small favors.

Even better was the
complimentary note I received from John T. Edge of the Southern Foodways Alliance. What Bourdain and Ruhlman are to every other foodie, Edge is to me. In short, the proverbial shit. From waxing poetic about slugburgers in Corinth, Mississippi (my stepfather's family hails from Counce, Tennessee, twenty miles north of Corinth) to tracing the roots of the modern supermarket to Piggly Wiggly, Edge has the history of southern food on lockdown, and writes about it in an accessible conversational tone that I try to do with my writing.

Edge and other members of the Southern Foodways Alliance will be in town in late May retracing the steps Southern blacks took during the Great Migration and seeing how their food habits and cooking style affected the city's culinary imprint. They've got a load of events planned. Check it out.

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