Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May...

One of the things I'm absolutely digging about having Margaret aboard as editor at Chicagoist is we're starting to have some solid exchanges of ideas that will only make the site better overall, and me a better editor in particular. That, in turn , is already starting to reap dividends in my other endeavors: waking up, staying to a schedule, setting goals and meeting them ahead of schedule, and being consistent in my work.

We're launching another new feature tomorrow that I'm really stoked to see go live to the site. Between that and the really big thing I've got in the works, I'm more excited than I've been in a while.

In the meantime, I've got to get myself ready to shave this beard off. The costume, after a wash, is raring to go for the actual Halloween tomorrow. My friend Calvin and his girlfriend Annie throw a Halloween bash every year. They go all out with the decorations and the costumes and the entertainment. Last year was fun, this year I'll probably stay seated in front of their movie screen watchin
g Frankenstein movies all night.

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