Thursday, July 19, 2007

Apparently, It Comes in Waves

The Old Style Sign at Margie's Pub
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Hot on the heels of seeing my work in print in the Sun-Times comes Time Out Chicago's "dive bar" issue.

I'm all over that issue, as well. Check out the cheap beer chart, which shows that I don't just know my highbrow brews.

Overall, it's been a week of major highs and lows. But isn't that life itself?

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QuietlyGoingMad said...

You can get Old Style, on tap, in frosty mug (at least for the first one) at the Two Way Lounge for $1.25 or $1 on Monday & Thursday.

I believe Margie's has $.50 drafts of the Growler on Mondays.

I know where the dive beers go, I'm on a budget!

Good stuff Chuck, I'm always up for finding a new dive/neighborhood joint to hang out at.