Monday, October 16, 2006

Modern Day Prohibition

If you haven't noticed, there's a quickly depleting supply of Bell's beer in the area. I have the details at Chicagoist. Coupled with Sierra Nevada moving to Chicago Beverage Systems this wek, I suddenly find myself with two open draft handles at work. I was being diplomatic in the Chicagoist post , but this is my personal place to vent. There's no way in hell I'm working with Chicago Beverage any more than I have to. They treat their customers as insignificant, at best, garbage at worst. This is the downside of deregulation, ladies and gentlemen.

On a positive note, I recommend a night out with the boys at Zapatista. Or a night out with a girl there. Either way, the food is solid and the service is excellent. Even their wine selection was amazing quality for the small size. I picked a bottle of this surprisingly bold petite syrah from Mexico for dinner, and it matched both entrees perfectly.

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