Friday, February 03, 2006

Where's the Snow?

So it's been another busy week but a lazy Sunday is upon us. Well, it's upon you, not me. I'm making a scallop ceviche for a Super Bowl potluck.

I wanted to post about the State of the Union address the other night. I had actually put together a drinking game for it that fellow Chicagoist-o Matt Wood conceived for Bush's impromptu press conferences.

Reading it I'm glad I wasn't home Tuesday night or else Emmy and I would have had to expand the morning walk damn near to 47th street in order to work off the excess weight.

But my main issue with the SOTU wasn't with the President's speech- Lord knows by know that most of us know that when George W. Bush says something really means the opposite- but with the quick editing that made the address seem as though it were an awards show with Dubya rattling off a litany of bad jokes written by Bruce Vilanch.

Also of note, Cindy Sheahan being escorted from the congressional chambers for trying to unfurl a banner critical of the Bush Administration. Nice to know that Samuel Alito wasn't even hours into his tenure on the Supreme Court and already our civil liberties were being assaulted.

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