Monday, October 31, 2005

Or "El Duderino", If You're Not Into The Whole Brevity Thing

The plan was to dress as the Dude for Halloween. Thankfully the rain and general laziness prevented that.

Tonight is a rare Monday evening off. Mouse on Mars was supposed to play this evening but the show was either postponed or canceled. Either way, I'm here now. Saturday was again spent in Pilsen at Picante Grill. We were due to go to the LaSalle Bank movie theatre in Portage Park to catch a doubleheader of "Bride of Frankenstein" and "Dracula's Daughter." Instead I spent the evening watching Sue muse about how Picante was better when Musio was working there and beating up on the Professor. Luckily I own both movies on dvd so I don't regret it that much.

If you have a Saturday evening free you should do yourself a favor and go see a movie at that theater. They only screen old movies there- horror, film noir, slapstick comedies, and at bargain admissions. The theater itself is one of these old conference rooms that seats about 200-250 people, but the place draws an amazing amount of people. Has been for years. I think the movies are partially programmed by Chuck Schaeden from "Those Were The Days", the old time radio show that airs Saturdays on WDCB-FM. Not far from there is Metro Golden Memories, a memorabilia shop that sells merchandise from the golden age of movies, radio and television. I used to frequent the place a lot as a teenager; it's where I was able to feed my early fascination with the Marx Brothers. Being that it was a straight drop west on the Addison bus from Lane Tech it was easy to reach.

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