Saturday, September 11, 2004

It's like Rip Van Winkle, really.

First things first:

The Jukebox: Van Halen (the Sammy Hagar version): "Runaround."

Reading: The Land Where The Blues Began by Alan Lomax

It's been an eventful two weeks to cap off a surreal summer. I was added last-minute to attend a sponsorship seminar for work last week. The seminar confrimed my suspicions that our approach to selling marketing sponsorships is completely bass-ackwards. Still, I'm nothing if not plucky, and this festival we've booked in November seriously needs something to relieve the costs, so I've been a phone-call-making fool the past week. It's also nice to have the seminar under my belt as it's another resume point for prospective employers.

I've been keeping my apartment tidy the past week. My old roommate Sue came by with an impromptu breakfast as a bribe to watch her dog while she went camping over Labor Day. As she sat on the filthy carpet in my living room I felt so embarrassed that I could keep my apartment in this condition. So after she left I went into Catholic guilt mode and cleaned the entire apartment. It's been spotless ever since. The cleaning finally forced me to address the situation of my butcher block. I picked it up at a small hardware store for a song a few months back and sanded it down to the natural grain with the intention of turning it into a table. I shelved that idea since I discovered how much hardware stores were charging to fabricate legs for the table. So it's been laid up in my kitchen oiled and ready for use or legs ever since. I've finally decided to buy a small island table for my kitchen and cut the butcher block into smaller cutting boards. That way it won't be a waste of good butcher block.

The major change in my life I'm still not ready to write about; I want to make certain that I tell all my friends personally before posting it here for someone who came across this via Google to read. I will say that it brings my life full circle to a place where I expected to be at this point in my life. Those people I have told have been very supportive and for that I thank them dearly. I guess that I'm at a point in my life emotionally and mentally to tackle what's ahead and hopefully those friends of mine who are having life issues of their own can look to me as a positive example for themselves.

And no, I didn't accept Jesus as my saviour again.

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