Monday, February 16, 2004

The Afterglow in Cliche Form

Hope you're all recovering nicely from the chocolate/food/sugar/drink/drug/post-coital buzz of the weekend. Remember: only eight more months until Sweetheart's Day and you get to do it all over again, so start scraping away those dimes now.

I still haven't come up with anything to open Wednesday night's show, which is probably just as well since I was far too long-winded during the first show. It might be best to just get up there, improvise and give the stage to those who deserve it. I've been in touch with everyone and they're all ready to read.

If all the featured readers and musicians bring ten people each via word-of-mouth, we'll have 150 people in the house Wednesday. I figure I'm good for twenty people myself, and the rest of the Write Club folks can bring in their complement. Translation: we're gonna have a good-sized house on Wednesday. Oh, well. The proof is in the pudding.

Otherwise, I wanted to write about this Love detector that the Sun-Times felt the need to devote 1-1/2 column inches Friday on Page 3.

The web site says that "The Love Detector for PC software can determine if that person is in the mood for lovin' by charting that person's 'real' feelings on a computer screen at the other end of the line." The Sun-Times piece quoted a college freshman who said, "He said things like, 'I totally like you.' I'm like, you don't even know me."

I don't know. I still think a Stoli Vanil and diet coke is the perfect foil for a computer program.

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